The manifold or Medical Gas Section is very vital for the Hospital to provide the centralized

O2, N2O & Suction. The department is in process shifting to new service block, for which

equipments has been procured and is in process of installation. The department is providing

24 hours oxygen supply to all required patient care areas. The department provides Nitrous

Oxide and Carbon Di-Oxide to theatre and support backup service areas of the Hospital.

The proposal for procurement of Oxygen concentrator has been forwarded.

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Security and Fire Services

Security Service of any Hospital is one the essential components of discipline for maintenance

in the Hospital. The addition of outsourced security staff to already existing contingent of

discipline security personnel of this hospital has added further discipline, sense of security and

vigilance to the hospital. It is because of this added security that the Hospital has been able

to charge Rs.5.00 as attendant passes. By controlling the main gates, the security is

playing vital role on controlling visitors etc. The security looks after the hospital/college property 24x7

and also stops the pilferage. 

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Sanitation and House Keeping


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Medical Record

This year we have started computerized of Medical Record Department on the basis of

LAN the implementation of which is in process. All OPD Inpatients and Emergency Admissions

are fully computerized

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