General Medicine

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  1. Dr. Mohammad Mubarik     Professor & I/C Head
  2. Dr. Tariq Ahmad                Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Muzaffar Ahmad           Associate Professor
  4. Dr Manzoor Ahamad           Lecturer
  5. Dr Abdul Ahad                   Lecturer



1)Daily OPD, round  the clock emergency services, In-patient care as ward  

       admissions and  patient oriented/academic rounds from 10:30 to 1:30 pm 

       and 2:30 pm to 4 pm everyday.

2)  Providing round the clock Consultant/Senior Resident cover to all the other 

      Clinical Departments. Also, working hand in hand with other supportive 

      Departments like Pathology, Microbiology, Radio-diagnosis, Laboratory/Blood bank and SPM in the interest of patient care.

3)Utilizing the services of parent Gen. Medicine Deptt. SKIMS, Soura for 

      getting manpower and professional assistance. Also utilizing the services of 

      all Specialty Departments of SKIMS MCH, Bemina , SKIMS Soura and 

     above all the Super specialty Departments of SKIMS, Soura in the interest           

     of patient  care.

4)Routinely performing procedures like Bone marrow aspiration/biopsy, Pleural

      / Peritoneal biopsy, Pleural/Ascitic tap for analysis, Lumbar puncture and also

      the use of Defib. monitor as and when needed.



       1) ENDOSCOPY LAB: Procurement of equipment pertaining to endoscopy (including video endoscope) and construction of endoscopy lab. stands completed, has already been commissioned  and is operational at  present. 

       2)  BRONCHOSCOPY LAB: Procurement of equipment pertaining to bronchoscopy (including video bronchoscope) and construction of bronchoscopy lab. Already stands completed, ready to be commissioned in near future, to be utilized by the Departments of Gen. Medicine and Chest Medicine combined.

    3) CARDIAC MONITORS: One multi-functional Cardiac Monitor has already been installed in the General Medicine Ward and four additional monitors are planned to be installed in near future, already stands approved.  

    4) Equipment regarding lower GI procedures ( including fibre-optic colonoscope), non invasive ventilators (CPAP), temporary pacing equipment, mobile beds with elevating system and other required equipment/instruments etc. are already in the pipeline for procurement and installation in near future.

    5) The Department is already under the process of starting medical management of Acute Coronary Syndrome (including thrombolysis therapy) very soon.

   6) The Department contributed actively in the management and control of cholera epidemic in the 2nd half of 2010 with the assistance of Microbiology Department, SPM Department and Central Lab. The data regarding the same is under communication for publication.


      1) TEACHING: 

a) Imparting professional teaching (both in theory and clinical) to the undergraduates. The clinical teaching of undergraduates for all the semesters is being carried out solely by the SKIMS MCH unit of Gen.   

                        Medicine Department. However, one batch of externs is always posted in the General Medicine Department, SKIMS Soura.  

b) Externship: The externship programme of Final year students was started for the first time by the esteemed principal in 2009 for 2005 batch and is continuing successfully till date. The SKIMS MCH unit and the parent Gen. Medicine Department showed keen interest in the successful completion of the first extern batch (2005 session) in 2010. The concerned students hailed the initiative taken by the principal in starting the externship programme.

c) Actively participated in imparting teaching ( theory, clinical and procedural) to the post-graduates posted in SKIMS MCH Bemina Unit of the Department both by the faculty staff and the senior residents of the Department.


a) Papers published/accepted

i) Floods- A general review (accepted for publication in JK practitioner).

ii) Multiple intracranial tuberculomas in BCG vaccinated infant (published  in International public health journal).

iii) AIDP in late pregnancy and early post-partum period – An unusual presentation (Accepted for publication in Indian Journal of Medical Sciences).

iv) Serum Magnesium levels in acute exacerbation of COPD - A single centre prospective study from Kashmir,India (Accepted for publication 2010 for Journal of Medical Sciences)

v) Bacterial and clinical profile of community acquired pneumonia in hospitalized patients of Kashmir valley (published in Lung India).

vi) Hypophosphatemia as an indicator of severity in bacterial pneumonia (published  in JK Practitioner), January-June 2011 issue.

vii) Mobitz type I (Wenckebach) block in a patient of Acute Rheumatic Fever (case report,accepted for publication in European Journal Of  Emergency Medicine).

b) Papers under communication/sent for publication.

i) A case of seronegative Myasthenia Gravis with a short review.

ii) Primary Sjogren’s syndrome presenting as hypokalemic Paralysis in an elderly women (case report).

iii) Non-tubercular Mycobacterial Lymphadenopathy in an immunocompetent patient (case report).

iv) Peri-partum Gullain Barre Syndrome – A short prospective study with a review.

v) Mediastinal Germ cell teratoma in a young female (case report).

vi) SVC fibrosis presenting as SVC obstruction (case report).

vii) A clinical profile of Vibrio Cholera (01-Eltor) epidemic from the Kashmir valley. 

viii) Chronic tubercular chylothorax-a case report and a short review.

ix) Acute viral myopericarditis with Neuropathy-report of 2 cases of the same family with a short review. 

x) Hepatitis E Virus infection- report of 2 cases with high bilirubin and liver enzyme levels with severe cholestasis.  

c) Conferences attended ( April 2010-  Till date)

i) NAPCON- November 2010 at Jodhpur-Rajasthan, attended by Dr. Tariq Ahmad Bhat.

ii)  NAPCON- November 2010 at Jodhpur-Rajasthan, attended by Dr. Muzafar Ahmad Naik.

iii) National Criticare Conference  (February 2011) at New Delhi attended by Dr. Tariq Ahmad Bhat. 

iv) BCF- CON (March 2011) 15th Annual National Conference of Breast Conference Foundation of India held at SKICC, Srinagar Kashmir, actively participated by the Department of Gen. Medicine.

v) SKIMS RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE UPDATE (JUNE 2011) Actively involved in the participation and organization of the said update with the parent General Medicine Department, SKIMS Soura.

vi) Actively participated in the First Annual Conference of the J&K State Chapter of Association of Surgeons of India (June 2011).  

d) CME participation.

i) CME organized by the Department of Chest Medicine SKIMS MC Bemina, actively participated by the Department of Gen Medicine (2010).

ii) CME on treatment modality of COPD organized by the Department of Gen. Medicine, SKIMS Soura at SKICC, actively participated by the Department of General Medicine (2010).

iii) CME organized by the Department of Endocrinology SKIMS, Soura on Diabetic update on World Diabetes day, actively participated by the Department of Gen. Medicine (2011).

iv) CME regarding awareness of Kidney Diseases on 6th World Kidney Day organized by the Department of Nephrology, SKIMS Soura on 10th March 2011, actively participated by the Department of General Medicine.

v) CME organized by department of Chest Medicine on recent advances in COPD and Pleural Effusion and actively participated by the department of General Medicine (July 2011).   

vi) CME organized by the Department of Endocrinology, SKIMS Soura on thyroid update (July 2011).

vii) CME organized by the Department of Endocrinology, SKIMS Soura on Obesity and Osteoporosis (June July 2011).

e) Intra and Inter-departmental seminars, mortality meets and case presentations presented and participated by the Department of Gen. Medicine.

 Faculty Profile:

Name :                  

 Dr Tariq A Bhat

Area of Interest

Rheumatology, Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid

Ongoing Research Project

Prevalence of Metabolic syndrome in RA

Musculoskeltal issues in diabetes




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