Forensic Medicine

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Dr. Ab Rasheed                     Professor & Head.(Pathology)

Dr Mehreen Lateef               Lecturer 

The Department of Forensic Medicine has two medico legal experts providing training to 50 M.B.B.S graduates per year. Forensic Medicine as subject has gained a lot of importance in recent times with more and more people opting for post graduation in this subject . With inclusion of this subject at par with other para clinical and clinical sciences the M.C.I has made its importance abundantly clear as a undergraduate paraclinical subject. With specialization of subject into many important offshoots like clinical forensic medicine it also touches the realms of clinical teaching.

Academic Activities

The teaching of under graduate M.B.B.S students is made by variety of innovative means like power point projections; slides projection etc. With the gracious efforts of our present director/principal a high tech projection cum interactive touch screen computerized system of teaching has been set up that has made the teacher – student interaction more fruitful. The department is expecting a M.B.B.S student strength of 100 in 2014 thanks to efforts of present administration.

Research Activities

  • Participation in Regional Science Congress and Ninth JK Science Congress 2013 (9JKSC13) ; University of Kashmir In collaboration with State Council for Science & Technology and DST, GOI .
  • Workshop on Quality Forensic Services &Teaching 4-6th May, 2013 Theme : To develop Standard Operative Procedures (SOP) for Medico- Legal work in India .Venue: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
  • CME on “Medico legal Issues” – GMC Srinagar in collaboration with NHRM :  27-03-2013.
  • Fluorescent Microscopy in Y-Body Analysis – An Important Forensic Aid ;  Regional Science Congress and Ninth JK Science Congress 2013 (9JKSC13) University of Kashmir In collaboration with State Council for Science & Technology   and DST, GOI
  • Use of Kangri – A Traditional Firepot as Weapon ; 35th Annual National Conference of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine the FORENSIC MEDICON 2014; 1st & 2nd Febuary 2014; Gauhati, Assam.[Accepted].
  • A Two- Year Study on Road Traffic Accident Cases admitted in SKIMS Medical College Hospital Bemina.[Article Accepted Vol 18; No. 3-4;2013] JK-Practitioner.

 Special Services

 The Department provides expert opinion on medico legal reports and has specialists who have worked as experts in this field besides attending numerous courts as expert witnesses.

 Future Endeavors

 With the up gradations of SKIMS Medical College as a 100 MBBS student teaching institution the up gradation of infrastructure including setting up of modern museum; a research laboratory where advanced studies can be pursued; a functioning multidimensional autopsy complex is being actively pursued.  

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 Dr Rifat Fazili


Forensic Medicine



Area of Interest

Professional : toxicology  personal : Gardening, Reading newspapers

Ongoing Research Project

Arsenic Contamination of water sources in Kashmir Valley




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