Blood Transfusion and Immunohematology

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DR MOHD SUHAIL MALIK            Asst Prof



The Department of Blood transfusion and Immunohematology was established in Feb 2000 and since then Department is providing services 24X7.The Department is providing care in the field of Blood transfusion, serology (HIV,HBsAg,HcV and VDRL) and screening of these diseases.

Routine screening is also done to patients if prescribed.

It is under the chairmanship of Dr Abdul Rashid Rather that the Department is showing increased trends of excellence in various activities in Blood bank. The Dept BT & IH runs through out the week and provides the day care  and night care facilities in screening transfusion transmitted diseases, Blood grouping,Cross matching,Antibody screening and providing of Safe blood before and after operative procedures.The Blood bank has a separate ICTC centere for screening of HIV, and a counselor is provided by NACO who advises and counsels the patients attending the ICTC centere for counseling.The Department routinely organizes Various Voluntary Blood donation camps in collaboration with various NGOS.I t is a privilege and prestige of the department that 188 ponts of Blood received through camps were distrubted to the needy patients without replacement donation in the month of November and December.The Department has privilege of providing FFP blood to other Govt associated hospitals particularly to Pediatric hospital and inaddition to SMHS hospital.

The Department has screened 30000 patients for HIV ,HBsAg,HcV during the last 2 years

Academic activities –The Department is actively involved in teaching of undergraduate students, Two consultants of the Departments are taking classes of 4th and 5th semester on every Tuesday and Thursday.

Interns are posted in the department for a period of 10 days and every intern is given a assignment which he presents in the Department of Pathology  under the guidance of Prof Abdul Rashid Rather and this gives a opportunity to interns to project there assignment to galaxy of consultants and faculty members

Nursing students and DMLT students are sent from various polytechinic and nursing colleges are being regularly posted in our department where they go training as well as teaching.


Conferences attended by DR Abdul Rashid Rather and Dr Mohd Suhail Malik in and outside the state

And also in SKICC-SKIMS

Dr Mohd Younus Shah attended  a training programme  from NACO at Jammu.

Research Work.

Dr Rasheed(HOD PATHOLOGY AND BT AND IH) is currently associated with two ICMR projects as co-investigator-Associate editor-JK PRACTITIONER


A Hand book on Dengue

Dr Mohd Suhail Malik

Seroprevalance of HIV in Blood donors at Teritary Hospital,Jammu

Seroprevalence of HBsAG  in Blood donors at tertiary Hospital,Jammu


DR Mohd younus shah

Incidence of KEll blood group in donor attending tertiary hospital as donors

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