Library Rules

Last Updated on Monday, 07 July 2014 18:46

Rules of the Library:

1.       Library remains open  from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m except on Sundays.

2.       No Book shall be borrowed less than fifteen minutes before the time of closing.

3.       The readers and the borrowers should possess the valid library card .

4.       Reader must inform the library of any changes to their current address.

5.       No book shall be borrowed from the library on any day less than fifteen minutes before the time of closing.

6.       The books are issued to the borrower for the maximum duration of 15 days.

7.        Any borrower who fails to return a book by or before the 15th  day of issuance  shall inform the librarian before the due date of return (if there is any genuine reason for the same), failing which he / she will not be allowed to issue any book in future.

8.       Works of reference, unbound works or parts of works may not be borrowed except by the special permission of the librarian, but may be consulted in the reading room of the library.

9.       Personal details of borrowers of library materials may not be disclosed to other readers, nor shall any person use the computerized facilities of the library to obtain or process data except in accordance with the Data protection Act 1998.

10.   The marking of any library material is forbidden. Readers may be prohibited from using ink and may be asked to use pencils instead while consulting certain volumes in reading room.

11.    All persons borrowing  library materials, or ordering materials for use within the library, shall produce evidence of identity at the time of borrowing or ordering if requested to do so.

12.    Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the library.

13.   Readers must present their reader’s card for inspection if requested by a member of the library staff in the course of their duties.

14.   The use of portable computers and mobile devices is permitted in the library provided that they are quiet in operation.

15.   The use of equipment likely to disturb or distract other readers or to damage Library materials (e.g. digital scanner, radios, cameras, personal hi-fi- equipment, or computers to perform any of the functions of such machines) is not permitted in the library.

16.   Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the library.

17.   Bottles of ink, correction fluid and other potentially damaging substances shall not be taken to the library.

18.   Water may be consumed in the library as long as this is from bottles with a seal-able tops. Food is not allowed anywhere in the library.

19.   Smoking, including electronic cigarettes is not permitted on the premises.

20.   Library staff are  empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being or security of readers or library staff or to the preservation of the collections.