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  1. Dr. Basharat Ahad                      Professor/IC HOD
  2. Dr. Sheikh A Munan                   Asst Prof
  3. Dr. Rouf Bashir                          Asst prof
  4. Dr Owais Malik                           Lecturar
  5. Dr Hina Khursheed                      Lecturer
  6. Dr Waseem Mohamad                 Lecturer
  7. Dr Masrat Jan                             Lecturer
  8. Dr Sheikh Imran                         Lecturer(AA)
  9. DR Faisal Qurashi                       Lecturer( AA)

Department Activities:


The department of anaesthesiology and critical care medicine is one of the important departments which has pivotal role in patient care.

The department has been provided with new operation tables, lights , ventilators, scrub stations and are in process of procurement of anaesthesia machines and monitors.

 The department is engaged in providing quality care to patients round the clock.